Jump Or Get Poked

Decided to use Stencyl (no particular reason, just seemed straight forward, with a LOT of hand-holding – which I need).

Stencyl.com was down most of the day – an auspicious start. ALL the docs are on there. API instructions, you name it.

Got started at about 8:30pm.

Decided to adjust an existing game, so I didn’t need to create much content for it. Photoshop etc skills are pretty sub par.

Primary things added – if jumping on a pronger, get a point. If pronged, you’re dead.

Known bugs:
can’t get prongers to reliably spawn. something about when the level reloads, it screws up the spawning.
theoretically, the main char should flip over when he dies. I managed to get it to work sporadically, but not recently.

So, it’s a pretty crappy game. No surprise there, given that it’s the first day. With a maximum score of five.

I suck at platformers, so I didn’t even get five every time. hehe.