Man Hole

The theory here is – you ferry a bunch of dudes (remember our armadillo friend from yesterday?) along the platforms.

This’d be great if I could get it to consistently either NOT fall through my platform, or DO fall through the gaps in the tiles.

So, that sucks. Not quite sure what’s going on there.

Unable to really put any kind of scoring system in place until you’re able to interact. At all.

Still, the background is funky, I like the chord progression as you move the platform around, and the wilhelm scream is funny as hell.

I managed to get the platforms moving to the correct places easily (using lists) – so, am learning basic data structures too.

Also, notice how I’ve figured out how to spawn dudes reliably? So yay! Actual learning. Right up front and center.

I also learned a bunch about how the physics works. Groovy.

Any day now, I’m sure, I’ll be spending less time battling the interface, and more working on actual game play. I’m sure. Annnnny moment.