Space Rock

Had some real issues getting the assets small enough. 4 Mb mp3s etc.

First the background pic was HUGE (a meg by itself), then the sound.

Then I noticed I had a ton of assets in the resources dir that I wasn’t even using (weird fonts etc). I think playing around with getting stuff off Stencyl Forge may have screwed things up.

Am still trying to get the image size down, without having it appear tiny on screen. Oh, and cut down the size of the 3 minute track playing in the background. Wasted several hours on those two things. Nuts.

Ok, so, cleaning the project makes a HUGE difference to file size. Basically, it gets rid of all the old cruft. Filesize dropped from 7.6M down to 2.2M. Lesson learned.

Now, back to flying around.

So, turns out my idea of moving all the rocks in the opposite direction from flight (while keeping the ship in the middle of the screen) is a dud. Couldn’t get it so it wasn’t jerky and awful. Or, you know, work at all. Not having any kind of “I’m moving” animation didn’t help. Being unable to move the background around didn’t help either.

I think in general the background is too visually noisy. It’s hard to see the smaller rocks. Also, my photoshop skills suck *laugh* oh boy, worst space ship ever. Still, it’s original art, so it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m happy about the rock resizing (all rocks are one rock – but they don’t look like it), and the collision bounds (mostly). Happy with the restart button.

Not super happy that I can’t get the rocks to appear from off the screen though. They kind flash into existence in the middle of the screen.

So, it’s KIND of a game. Basically, you have no control at all, other than spinning (didn’t get time to figure out that rock movement thing). And if you’re lucky, the rocks won’t get you too quickly. So, not a lot of skill involved.