Bubble Bother

The initial intent here was to do something “under the sea” (a random suggestion I got – hey, I’m up for randomness!).

I spent most of the day thinking about what went on under the sea. Realised eventually that my graphics skills still weren’t up to scratch in terms of complicated animals (or fish) but I could sure draw a bubble! So, I looked up some tutorials and drew a few dozen bubbles. Eventually I got a pretty decent one drawn.

My initial thought had been to make some kind of “eat your enemies” type game, where your bubble would grow, or change colour as you ate other coloured ones.

The thing that stymied me was explosions. Wow, those things are damn hard to make look decent. So, I wasted about four hours trying to figure out how to draw a decent explosion. Painful.

Eventually, I settled it by doing a cartoonish implosion instead. So, now I had little bubbles that would pop when I clicked them (yep, I draw all the animation frames). However, I still really didn’t have any game play.

That stymied me even further, till eventually I was just having fun throwing them around the screen, and I thought – hey, the old classic “two the same colour pop” scenario.

So, that’s what the game became. Click and drag bubbles around, if two the same colour touch, they pop and you get a point each.

New things in this game: a loading screen. Title (so you can see what the damn name of the game is, heh), tracking a high score (not between sessions, but still, it’s something), varied success text depending on your score, a few new behaviours (click and dragging objects, keeping them inside the screen, bouncing off screen edges), reliable random creation (something I struggled with the last few days). Consistent (and self-created) fonts. Plus I did all the graphics and animations myself. So, quite a few new things. Kind neat.

It’s also time limited – score as high as you can in five seconds – which is a new gameplay style (for me; in general it’s old as the hills, obviously).

It’s becoming pretty clear that my speed of game generation is going to be more or less proportional to my ability to generate art assets. The coding side is typically pretty straight forward, it’s wrangling photoshop that’s taking all the time. So, I’ll need to focus on that.

Tell you what though, I’d LOVE to play this on my phone (or a touch device).

Oh, and the audio? Ha ha. I can make “pop” sounds with my mouth with the best of them. Getting that bit right took about two minutes flat!