Bye Bye Birdie

When I started this, as discussed yesterday, mostly I wanted to work on my art skills. Well, I got lots of chances to do that.

Initially, I had wanted to do something non violent.

I’m pretty happy with how the graphics look. Kinda cute. A bit goofy, but a definite improvement.

Where it falls down is game play. Massively. There was a theory that you’d be able to shoot at the birds. I’d wanted a net (rather than a bullet) but that’s way outside my skill (or at least – getting it down reasonably quickly). So, try a bullet.

Guess what? It turns out – math is hard. *sigh* it’s not, it’s just a bit fiddly, and I’m knackered. Getting the bullet to appear at the end of the cannon, instead of just flopping out on the floor, hmm, can’t quite figure that.

So, it’s get that working, or go to sleep. Guess which is likely to win?

Shame. I loved the cute clouds, and even the birds (jeeze, trying to draw a bird? wow) don’t look TOO awful.

That said: the wheels are too small on the cannon. The animation (turning 90 degrees at a time) doesn’t look like they rotate – more struts would have made it more obvious. The clouds look cute, the cannon body is fine, but the birds look dopey (the power of outlining/cartoonish assets – it makes even crappy art skills look bearable).

Still. Can only do so much in a day, at this skill level. Key thing is to remember to keep things simple. Even the game play, otherwise I burn through too much time on relatively unimportant tasks (like getting the bullets not look stupid). So, lessons learned here too. Prioritise and focus. Important stuff. Shame about the game, but a good lesson. Today was mostly about practicing my art skills, so I’m less worried that the game itself didn’t turn out so amazing.

There’s also a weird thing where, on the low left hand side, the cannon jerks around like crazy. More weird math. I pulled it all into Excel, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out why things weren’t appearing quite correctly. I obviously need more powerful debugging techniques.