Crazy Pong

A simple one really – the old classic pong. Thought I’d spice it up by having multiple balls (and maybe more aggressive scoring), but we’ll see how we go.

Super simple art assets (unlike yesterday, heh), and pretty simple sounds to get.

This is the first time I’ve had an enemy character actually calculating how to beat you though. So, a little bit of smarts in there – that’s the main challenge here.

(having done it now) – frankly, the maths on that wasn’t THAT complicated. But that’s ok, now the fun bit. Multiple balls (and identifying the end game condition)

First time creating background sounds using instruments. Like the background picture (with game name!) and oh, this game gets insane super quickly. Man, it’s way too hard for me. Hopefully there’s some kids out there who can kick its ass. The nutty thing is, how easy it is to come from miles behind (or get your ass kicked) with one mistake. Which, of course, makes you wanna hang in there and kick ass even more. This game is kinda cool.

I still haven’t managed to beat the bloody thing though. Not yet!

Ok, so I loved this enough I went back and added a bit more functionality:
a) the ability to choose how many balls you wanna play with (ie, the play length), so, you can choose to have a nice fast game, or (alternatively) play until your fingers bleed. Up to you :)
b) adaptive NPC skill level. It adjusts how hard it kicks your ass. So, it should give you a good game, but not ALWAYS kick your ass. And if you lose, it’ll be close. So, you’ll feel like you can beat it next time, if you try harder. MUCH more fun (although less amusing than having your ass kicked with a score of 10:1)