Hi Lo

So, this was -supposed- to be the simple game from yesterday.

Except I need to load, configure and keep track of all 55 cards (52 + blank + joker).

Now, the funny thing is, Stencyl is coming out with an update sometime over the next week that would make this MUCH easier. But, fuckit. I got to really delight myself and write some tricky code to get around the limitation. So, game done today, which is brilliant.

Oh yes, I got to write actual Haxe code blocks. Which is a first.

However, this is a critical step towards becoming a serious game dev. If I’m ever going to do mass particle effects using haxe + flixel etc, then I’ll need to get my head around Haxe, so, no time like the present to get started – even in a super low key way.

So, I’m pretty happy with that.

At this point the core loop is done, but there’s no actual game play. Hehe. So, time to work on that.

Ok, so this has taken a LOT of subtle and complex code. Fuck, what a lot of effort.

The game is done, but frankly, it’s not very interesting. Or fun. And it’s way too easy to just rack up a high score – and for what? It never really ends. Lame.

I don’t know what people see in gambling. This was boring.