Guessing Game

Ok, after working till pretty much 7pm on the previous day’s game (yes, cheating I know – but if it’s any consolation, it was boring as hell), I wanted something simple. Don’t wanna slip a day behind.

My previous two ideas were too much for a single evening’s work. So, I played around with something else, but realised that Stencyl simply didn’t have the power to give me the kind of animations I wanted. It’d prolly work with an installed library, but I tried installing Haxe libraries (flixel, etc) manually before, and it really screwed Stencyl up. So, definitely not a “quick job”. Possible, but messy and a little outside my skill level at present.

So, instead, I thought of this. This is UTTERLY ridiculous, as a game. But it’s funny, and that’s all that matters. Plus, I’m having fun making it.

Now, theoretically this should have been pretty simple. But, I wanted to keep the code pretty simple, which meant some abstraction, which meant writing a bunch more Haxe code. So, I’m learning there – which is good.

On the downside, it turns out that calling an Event in a Behaviour from an Event in another Behaviour is VERY flaky. As in, it works maybe one time in 8. Not good enough to rely on, and just enough to cause you to waste several hours on it. Hypothetically, if you tried to do it.

This game is so silly. But it makes me laugh.