Relaxing Fishing

I find the sea soothing.

So, I thought I’d do something relaxing.

Turns out there’s quite a lot of subtlety in this game. The animations for the bob when it lands, rocks about, and then a fish bites. Getting the fishing line so it gentle curves to the bob, but also, so when the fish bites, the line moves too. Getting it so you can only click on the sea – not, for example, go fishing in the mountains.

Turns out there’s an absolute ton of subtle potential bugs in here. Way too many timed events (waiting for the fish to bite, player to catch them, etc). Stopping those tripping over each other is HARD. Oh for, I dunno, bloody pointers, or something useful like that. Oh well.

This game has a LOT of scope for potential growth. Different kinds of fishing poles, different scenes. All that good stuff. Right now though, I’m running out of time (spent the whole day setting up this damn blog). So, I’m gonna have to put it to one side. Sadly.

It’s still soothing though.