Gravity Gun

I had some vague idea about shooting bullets out, and having gravity mess with them.

I dunno. Seems like firing bullets in a full physics model is a lot more complicated than it looks. Unlike, say, real life, right kids?

Very unsure about this. In general I’m trying to avoid shooting games. They just seem so.. passe? Obvious? Something.

But, playing with gravity? Now THAT appeals. Of course, if all I have is bullets that flop around like dead fish, that’s not going to be much fun. I’ll keep working on it.

Ok, so after much mucking about, I have the tank trundling along, a foreground, and gravity randomly varying. Oh, and the bullets work too. There’s still not much of a “game” per se though.

Well, this is an “ok” game, but it’s certainly nothing earth shattering. Interesting to play around with, that’s about it.

I’m starting to get quite frustrated with my lack of photoshop/art skills. First, I can easily get sucked down a rabbit hole of spending ten hours learning how to do something quite basic (once you know how) – or something that simply isn’t that core to the game (eg, how to draw a decent looking string on a balloon). Secondly, it’s critical I stay focused on getting the game play etc together. There’s a lot more value in better game play than in better art (I believe). That is, if I absolutely must choose between the two.

Obviously, I’m learning and getting better all the time, but I can see why people spend a decade learning how to do this stuff. It’s painfully obvious to me how much I suck at this.

Still, gotta push forward.