Not sure what this one is all about. At the moment, it just lets you play tones. Maybe that’ll be enough. I’m trying to get them to play automatically, but having trouble getting the two core game objects to register collisions. Not sure what’s up with that – different layers? Confused groups? Still debugging.

Ok, so I have a pretty reliable base on this now. Click a box and it’ll keep playing that box. Click it again to stop it. So that’s cool.

It looks ok, which is good – but there’s not really any point to it. Nothing to learn. No pressure. Minimal fun.

Ok, so now I’m adding different instruments. It’s making it quite a bit more interesting. Still odd though. Not really a “game” per se, but, based on my intent to put game play first, just trying to find something “fun” in here. There’s something here that just isn’t quite clicking together, game wise.

Interesting, but not earth shattering, in any significant way.