Ball Thing

God. What a day.

Started out thinking I’d do some kind of “growing a tree” thing. Did a huge bunch of trigonometry, but couldn’t get it to quite hang together in any kind of way I was going to get finished in a day.

With time running out, I thought I’d do some kind of Snake variant (since that was such an awesome game). That fell apart for a whole bunch of reasons (mainly technical limitations – the engine I’m using, Box 2d, isn’t well suited to a strictly tile-sized object model. It’s too fine grained). It’s doable, obviously, but would have been an ugly kludge. I couldn’t think of a way out of it.

I ended up mucking around with three or four different ideas with balls. Dunno what it is, bouncing balls are fun. Either way, I started the day without any clear idea, and ended it in a very different place but just as murky. Crap.

Well, tomorrow’s a new day. Gotta expect a few days like this.