Kow Klicker

Ok, time for the silliest game ever.

Mainly because I found a super cute sprite set for this lil guy:


And seriously. He’s so damn cute, how could you NOT immediately say “That’s it! I’m gonna put him in a game!”

So I did.  Now obviously, this is a ridiculous homage/rip off of this glorious work, by Ian Bogost – who, by the way, is a mad genius for thinking of such an ironically brilliant/awful game.

The world needs more cow clicking, I reckon.

So this games has sound control (find icon, tune, sort out graphics + internal behaviour etc etc) – not a complicated thing, but a general necessity.

There’s all sorts of cute easter eggs with this one too, if you leave it but don’t actually click the cow. In fact, it’s almost more fun NOT to click the cow. Uhh, an anti game?

Needless to say, I have a high score of, uhh, 216. I would have got much higher, but I had to go out.