Right. Time for a drinking game. Hence, Bukowski.

The basic premise for this game is to balance drunkenness, thirst, inspiration and productivity sufficient to write, then sell that writing – using the money to survive.

Of course, this sort of game is going to require a LOT of careful balancing. So, rather than going straight out and building it all into the game engine, I’ve created the game in a spreadsheet. That way I can very quickly/easily tweak the settings until it starts to feel right. The spreadsheet looks like this (although I’ve hidden the values – as they’re kindofa game spoiler)

excel model


Ok. I spent a LOT of time tweaking this. It was definitely a good idea to model it as this enabled me to very quickly iterate through hundreds of variations of combinations of the influences. There are now a ton of interesting behaviours, and the whole thing is very subtle (and not TOO easy). Obviously, there’s also a ton more I can add in there.

Now, in terms of the actual game, I’ve managed to get the main interface in play and working. Essentially, it’s currently a test rig. You can click buttons to move values up and down and see how they change the interface. The core code/game hasn’t been put in there yet – however, since I’ve got all that already modelled, it shouldn’t be too hard to get in there.

That said, I’ve really gotta put it to one side and get on with today’s game. Dammit. I’ll get back to this.