Jump Cat

Ugh. Another horrible day.

I started off trying to do some weird flappy bird – just for a laugh. But (surprise!) it ended up being a ridiculous amount of visual effort. Uhh, coz of the way I wanted to do it.

So, that wasn’t going to come together.  Then, I discovered how to do joints in Stencyl. That is – items connected together by a single joint. So, you can have swinging motions etc. That got me a little excited.

Here’s the problem though. Jeeze, I hate platformers. I suck at them. I’ve just never liked that whole twitchy finger juddering pixel-perfect nonsense.

Needless to say, this has come through in this game. The cat jumping animation is.. hmm.. it’s ok. Not great. I didn’t have a running sequence, so I just re-used the jumping. Which means the cat’s in the air a lot of the time. Which makes jumping precisely a LOT harder.

The other thing this game had was multiple levels (a first), so, tons of tedious-but-necessary subtle issues with interactions between the different scenes.

*sigh* anyway. Glad to see the back of this one. It’s… mildly interesting. And tricky.