Crappy Missile Defense

This is the core rudimental of a missile defense game.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I started with a VERY different game. One of “those” days (they happen).

I’ve always quite enjoyed playing this game. This one has some minorly interesting characteristics.

I drew all the art myself, so that’s something. It’s still not “great” per se, but I’m seeing small-but-subtle improvements from day to day – which is good to see. I quite like the city, pre and post disaster. Starting to get my head around pixel art. Or at least, the most basic aspects of it. It’s a start.

There’s more trig – aiming the missiles at each other (and getting them flying in the right direction), along with some interesting manual collision detection with the explosions (since the object size changes radically as the explosion expands – you don’t want it ‘hitting’ if the explosion is visibly small and the enemy missile is not yet engulfed by it). Oh, plus┬ásome subtlety with getting everything to align (since all the objects are different sizes – otherwise the explosions etc won’t appear to happen in the correct place).

It can be played by just spamming the fire button – which detracts a little from the enjoyment, but it’s already hard enough, without limiting how many missiles you can fire at once. It could be set like that, but I’d need to radically lower how many missiles drop out of the sky at once.

So, not great, but nice enough for what it is. A little more potential, but it starts reasonably tricky, and ramps up quickly. So, hard enough to be at least mildly interesting.