Flappy Pipe

I think you can see where this game is going. *cough*


You know, it’s REALLY easy to make a crappy version of this game. However, there’s actually an absolute TON of subtle stuff in it.

Now obviously for me, the trickiest bit is – how do I make it LOOK like there’s a shit ton of actors on the screen (I wanted it to be super threatening) without actually needing that many? So, a LOT of time in photoshop trying to get that working.

Key thing though, this really is a (not so) hidden gem. Eg, those diagonal stripes at the bottom? Holy shit they took me a long time to get (almost) right. Of course, I’ve never done tiles before, so there’s that, but still. The original game had some subtle distance-lighting going on, that I haven’t quite got right.  Of course, the images are shamelessly stolen, but really, in his own quiet understated way, Dong Nguyen is quite a subtle brilliant game designer.

Ok, so this has taken WAY longer than it should have. Almost done though. Cute animations, awful sound effects, stupidly frickin’ difficult. Just need to resize the bird bars and add a few more animated birds and I’m calling this done. My high score? 1 (my high score on Flappy Bird, I swear, was over 40). I rock!

Obviously, there’s a bunch of things the original has done way better than I have. For example – the horrible jaggedness on the tile at the bottom. The distance lighting on the city. The pipe still doesn’t move quite nicely – it’s a bit too jerky to control well. There’s no splash screen (or explanation of how to play). The high scores don’t get uploaded anywhere.

On the upside, it’s cute and frickin’ hard. Which mostly just cracks me the hell up.