Initially this was going to be a “run away from the raindrops” kind of thing. Something simple.

However, now I’m just thinking I might just try to make something beautiful and peaceful.

At present, the rain sound is obviously a lot heavier than the actual rain you’re seeing. ┬áThe plan is to have smaller droplets as well, not just the widening circles. So far though, I quite like it. Oh, you can click and create your own raindrops if you want. And all artwork by me (for a change). So, slowly improving. Not a heck of a lot, but I’m learning – which is what this project is really all about.

So I now have an absolute ton of raindrops – which is very satisfying. Not having to worry about them┬ácolliding with anything speeds them up enormously.

The major problem I had with this game is – rain is fast. If you’re dodging it, how could you possibly see it quick enough to adjust? Not unless I had ridiculously humorous rain, of course. So, no real “game” per se was forthcoming. More of a low key art piece. That’s ok. I learned some useful skills, which I’m sure will pass forward.

Besides, my major priority with this was to make something beautiful. Also a very different art style from what I’ve done before. The pixel skills I’m slowly growing definitely came in handy making the tiny droplets (although they still ended up way too large and had to be shrunk down)