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Controls: L = Left Arrow Key. R = Right Arrow Key. Space = Space Bar. Enter = Enter Key


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Day 30: 20/May/2014

I love how ants pass information to optimize travel paths. So, a game where you get to do that

Day 29: 19/May/2014
Sugar Rush

The start of a basic 2d maze/chase game, but massive problems with collisions. Never got beyond ugly

Day 28: 16/May/2014

Not really a game, just playing with a flocking (like birds) algorithm

Day 27: 15/May/2014

Not really a game, just something kinda beautiful and peaceful

Day 26: 13/May/2014
Flappy Pipe

If Flappy Bird was too easy for you, and you want some revenge? This is the game for you. My high score? 2. Seriously.

Day 25: 12/May/2014

A procedural terrain generator. Interesting but still broken. Be warned, will kill your CPU

Day 24: 11/May/2014
Crappy Missile Defense

Missile Defense. The core basics, but nothing fancy.

Day 23: 10/May/2014
Fly Lines

A pseudo painting app to draw lines on the screen. Oddly fun and soothing, in a doodly kind of way. CPU heavy.

Day 22: 9/May/2014

A drinking RPG.

Day 21: 8/May/2014
Jump Cat

Be a cat. Jump. Slightly crap/boring plaformer.

[A slight holiday]

Day 20: 3/May/2014
Kow Klicker

Stupidest game ever. I love it!

Day 19: 2/May/2014

Just a silly memory game – with an insanely hard level (if you’re feeling masochistic)

Day 18: 1/May/2014
Live Long

Cellular Automata (ala Conway’s life). Create digital creatures and let ’em loos. Frickin’ fun!

Day 17: 30/Apr/2014
Hop Skitch

The raw beginnings of a 2 1/2d platformer. A LOT more work needed [broken]

Day 16: 29/Apr/2014
Boring Tennis

Tennis, after a fashion.

Day 15: 28/Apr/2014
Make A Maze

Click the blocks then drag out a maze. Hit Go to let the wizard try the maze. [kinda broken]

Day 14: 27/Apr/2014
Ball Thing

Clusterfuck of a day. This was idea 4 or 5. Doesn’t really do anything [broken]

Day 13: 26/Apr/2014

Click the squares to make tones. That’s about it. Mildly interesting.

Day 12: 25/Apr/2014
Space Inverders

L/R/space. Super lame. Cute graphics, shamelessly homage’d, but lame [broken]

Day 11: 24/Apr/2014
Gravity Gun

L/R to move. Space to fire. Balloons will kill you (ask any clown)

Day 10: 23/Apr/2014
Relaxing Fishing

A fishing game. Mainly just the core mechanic. Cute, but no scoring.

Day 9: 22/Apr/2014
Guessing Game

How good are you at guessing? Ridiculous but hilarious.

Day 8: 21/Apr/2014
Hi Lo

Card gambling. Allows you to bet high/low, plus colour and suits. Simple enough.

Day 7: 20/Apr/2014
Bounce Ball Bounce

A simple bouncing game, with a few twists. Fun but hard.

Day 6: 19/Apr/2014
Crazy Pong

Pong, with many balls. Insane. Utterly kicks my ass. Love it

Day 5: 18/Apr/2014
Bye Bye Birdie

At this point, really just a cannon pointing game. No “game” to speak of :) Use L/R+click [broken]

Day 4: 17/Apr/2014
Bubble Bother

Drag similar bubbles together to pop them. Be quick! (super cute, like this one)

Day 3: 16/Apr/2014
Space Rock

Avoid the rocks. L/R turns. Space fires engines [broken]

Day 2: 15/Apr/2014
Man Hole

Remake of the classic Nintendo. move left/right to stop dudes falling in the holes [broken]

Day 1: 14/Apr/2014
Jump Or Get Poked

Jump on the dude’s heads. Okish, but nothing exciting.

The mission: Create a Game. Every day.